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Poppa's RPP

Poppa’s RPP

I’m sure many of you couldn’t wait to get to this next post, hoping that I would cover why poop matters, but alas, that will have to wait for another day. All in due time, my friends. Today, we take a look at RPP.

What’s RPP, you ask? Let’s say you’re building an addition on your house. You’re working to make an amazing home for your family, and you’re trying to work with the powers that be to ensure that it meets code: that it’s safe, environmentally sound, functional, and aesthetically acceptable to the neighbors. And then your inspector decides that he doesn’t like you – you’re a pain in his ass because you’re not a professional contractor, just a dumb homeowner asking too many questions. He calls you out on a lot of nitpicky things – none of which will affect any of the aforementioned purposes of code. You wake up in the night worrying about it. You start to have negative feelings about the project.

Then you remember that what you’re experiencing is a Rich Person Problem.* You remember how fortunate you are to even have a house, to have enough food to eat, to be healthy, to have a wonderful family (maybe you don’t have all those things, but neither did Ishmael Beah, a former child soldier from Sierra Leone who still finds hope in the world). You remember that you are living in one of the best situations in the history of the universe. And that helps you see your problem in a new light. Not that it’s not OK to experience stress and anxiety about RPPs, but if you can put them into perspective, you can diminish that worry.

Here are some of Poppa’s current RPPs:

  • The kids eat too much processed junk
  • My stock portfolio’s down today
  • I hurt my knee playing soccer last week and I won’t be able to ski in Winter Park this weekend
  • My soils engineer flaked on me and I may need to dig a new pit before the addition gets signed off on
  • The neighbor’s dog is barking

Those are real problems (well, some are worse than others), but I’m lucky that’s all I have to deal with right now. And dealing with those things certainly becomes easier when one takes a broader view of the world, when one reserves some empathy for those around the world who are less fortunate.

So the next time your team loses, or an Audi cuts you off, or the waitress forgets your water, or the avocados aren’t ripe, or it’s minus 7 out, or the paint color’s not quite right, or there’s more hair growing out of your ears, or your internet’s too slow, unbunch your undies and deal with it like a person in a Relative Position of Power.

This blog will cover lots of issues that are Rich People Problems, but it’s all part of a secret plan to foster a fulfilling life that ultimately culminates in all of us inching our way up the totem pole of magnanimity.

*This isn’t to say that you have to be rich to have RPPs, just that people who are relatively more fortunate in this world can have a tendency to worry too much about certain issues. And this also isn’t to say that rich people don’t sometimes have more serious problems.

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