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wearing many hats

This was my camping/fishing/hiking 14ers hat – I lost it and I want a new one

As an eclectic, I wear many hats. So I’ve found it useful to keep track of how much time I put into my many projects in a spreadsheet. Some of these projects make me money and some don’t. It’s nice to have an idea of whether I might be devoting too much time, or not enough, to certain projects, especially if we need a little more dough; in which case, it might behoove me to pick up a painting job for a friend or put a little more into the advertising coffers of the coffin biz.

In 2014 I put about 1400 hours into my tracked projects. Broken down by months, I worked the most in September and June (bracketing my vacation-laden summer). I worked the least in January and February (it was cold). More than half my project time was fairly equally divided among painting (= money), casketry (= money), golf* (= spending money), and, wait for it, Poppa’s Cottage (= no money), all at 250-270 hours. Next up, at around 150 hours, was the new addition to my business portfolio, Simple Brew Kits, a business I started in one day** that didn’t get much action until someone promoted it. Next up, at about 100 hours, was property management of my rental properties (these happen to be my primary source of income at this point). I had about 50 hours putting the finishing touches on the addition to my own home. And rounding things out, I put about 25 hours into wrapping things up with an electric vehicle business (my old business partner, Paul, continues to provide excellent hybrid service), 25 hours into art and photography, 23 hours finishing and getting a research paper published,*** and a mere 7.25 hours on my mostly-dormant greeting card company, Recycled Greeting Cards.

The 2015 spreadsheet is coming along nicely, with a few new businesses and projects in the works. You can download the project spreadsheet here, and of course populate it with your own projects.


*I’m tracking this because I want to see how much time I have to put in before I get decent (say, 10-12 handicap – it’s going to be awhile, I’ll get back to you). This was partly inspired by The Dan Plan, partly to disprove the 10,000 hours maxim (I may need 20,000), partly to do something to stay in shape now that my old body can’t take much soccer, but mostly so I don’t look like a complete a-hole when I join my high school buddies for golf on our annual pilgrimage to watch the Packers at Lambeau. And, yes, I’m tracking my golf progress in yet another spreadsheet, which I may share some day if it’s not too embarrassing.

**Post forthcoming.

***More on this in a future post. Entomophagy, or insect eating, will play an increasing role in our food production as we strive to feed 9 billion people in a sustainable way.

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