Reflux Redux

It appears the folks at the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee have been frequenting Poppa’s Cottage, and taking our advice to heart (so to speak). Their new guidelines have finally eased some of the former restrictions on fat and cholesterol, and have more harshly implicated simple carbs and sugar (a.k.a. yayo) in our growing (literally) health issues. Incredibly, we Americans average 22-30 teaspoons of sugar a day, half of which comes from soda and other sugary drinks (yes, juice is one of them). These guys are saying we need to cut it down to 12 teaspoons or less – hey, it’s a start.

The new guidelines may not be perfect (sat fat probably still gets too much of a bum rap), but they’re moving in the right direction. In shaping our schools’ menus, these guidelines will begin to undo decades of devastating advice to move to lower fat diets – which led to people eating more refined carbs, which is a big reason for our obesity epidemic. Now we have to prepare for the Attack of the Sugar Lobbyists: Mountain Dew, it’s not just for breakfast anymore.*


*Holy shit, I just made this up, but apparently Mountain Dew beat me to the punch with their breakfast drink, KickStart (a.k.a. death in a can).

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